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Wightmans Farm is the largest global organic farm.

Wightmans Farm is an expert in growing and caring for organic produce for more than 100 years. We always bring healthy products, daily farm tour service and useful information in farming & breeding.

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Wightmans Farm received a lot of positive feedback from customers. We always acknowledge all participants' comments and suggestions to improve the quality of products and services after the completion of the project.

Wightmans Farm's farmer training program gave me a lot of useful information when growing crops. The teacher also carefully guided me through the basic steps when starting farming. A newbie who wishes to start farming will find the training to be quite informative. Very interesting!

Bonnie Tolbert

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I was really surprised at the quality of Wightmans Farm's vegetables. They are very fresh and delicious. I will continue to participate in their farm tours in the future.

James Albert

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Our Farm Benefits

Why Choose Wightman's Farm

Wightmans Farm has more than 100 years of experience growing and providing healthy products to consumers around the world. Our output products are always 100% guaranteed to meet world standards.

Quality Organic Products

Organic fruit and vegetable products are grown completely naturally, environmentally friendly and good for consumers' health.

Professional Farmers

The process of growing and caring for crops is carried out methodically and closely monitored by skilled farmers.

Quality Products

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For over eighty years the Wightman Family has been growing and selling fruits and vegetables at the farm.