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Snapdragons are famous for their brightly-colored flowers, making them an excellent ornamental species. Interestingly, some people use them for cooking. But are snapdragons edible

Yes. You can eat snapdragons, but the bitter flavor is not pleasant to everyone. Although they can be a part of your recipe, they mainly serve as a decoration. 

In this post, we will dig into the taste and other uses of snapdragons apart from ornamentation. Let’s read on to discover! 

Are Snapdragons Edible?

Even though snapdragons are on the list of edible flowers, people add them to the recipe mainly for their aesthetic value. If we list the flowers in terms of taste from best to worst, snapdragons must be among the last. 

Depending on how you grow, these flowers taste bland and sometimes bitter. You can eat the flower and seeds, but don’t expect good taste. 

There is a very delightful crispness about snapdragon blossoms. The bitter flavor can be a welcome complement to the right dish. They’re ideal as decorations for food and beverages because they also look good. 

How To Cook With Snapdragons?

Since snapdragons are edible, you can use them in cooking. The best dishes with these flowers are: 


If you don’t like the bitterness of the flowers, try sugaring them or using them in your dessert recipes. The sugar will dominate the snapdragon’s taste and give you a nice flavor.  

Making salads

Because these flowers are so eye-catching, many people advise using them fresh on salads. If bitterness is your preference, they’re undoubtedly delicious in this manner.

To decrease the flavor’s intensity, try slicing them, but doing so will also lessen their aesthetic impact. 


You may pickle snapdragons to preserve them and neutralize some of the bitterness. Pickling also allows you to enjoy the flavor long after the blooms have passed their season.

To pickle snapdragons, please follow these steps:

  • Pack a jar loosely with the flowers and try not to crush them. Then, add a teaspoon of mustard seeds, star anise, and coriander seeds. 
  • Mix 1/4 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of salt, and a pint of vinegar in a pan and boil them. Stop boiling when the salt and sugar have dissolved. 
  • Pour the boiled mixture into the jar and seal it tightly. 

Food decoration 

The most common application for snapdragons in cooking is decoration. You can use these beautiful flowers as a garnish if you want a splash of color without necessarily utilizing the flavor to enrich your food or beverage. 

Other Benefits Of Snapdragon

Aside from cooking and decoration, people also use snapdragons in medicine. Flowers from the samara genus, like snapdragons, are highly therapeutic. They contribute to the significance of traditional medical treatment in its own right.  


Because of its medicinal value, people use the snapdragon flower to cure hemorrhoids, often known as piles. It lowers inflammatory markers and assists in good blood circulation.

This herb will also significantly reduce the enlarged blood vessels and painful places in the abdomen area.

Burn injuries 

Snapdragons have been famous for treating mild burn injuries. Applying a poultice produced from snapdragon flowers to the body parts with burns will have a relaxing effect and cure the burnt skin effectively. 

Plus, you can heal the pain associated with burns by applying a decoction or poultice of the snapdragon to the affected parts.  

Skin infection

The anti-inflammatory and astringent characteristics of the poultice made from snapdragon flowers enable it to effectively heal wounds while also reducing the irritation brought on by the wounds. 


Snapdragon is also widely used in traditional medicine to lower body temperature. Those with fever can take the decoction from dried snapdragon leaves and blossoms. Besides, due to its stimulating characteristics, it’s suitable for people who feel weak. 

Urinary tract infections

Snapdragon is a herb that can treat urinary tract infections due to its mild diuretic effects. It works by boosting urine production, flushing out bacteria in our urinary system before they grow and do more harm.


Because the liver plays so many vital roles, such as neutralizing toxins and dissolving fat, keeping it in good condition is crucial. Luckily, special snapdragon treatments can eliminate toxins that have accumulated in the liver. 

Blood detoxification 

When you consume a snapdragon decoction, urine production will increase. As a result, this herb can also work to remove waste and toxic substances in your blood. So we can say that snapdragon’s diuretic qualities aid in lowering blood pressure.  

Little-Known Facts About Snapdragons

Being edible is not the only fun fact about snapdragons. The following lines will surprise you. 

  • Ethylene gas can harm snapdragons. So, keep them away from ripe vegetables and fruits because being around these can make snapdragons wilt more quickly.
  • April to June and August to October are the two prime growing months.
  • There are many different hues of snapdragons, such as pink, white, purple, red, yellow, orange, burgundy, and lavender. 
  • Russian people use snapdragons to make edible oils. 
  • Snapdragons symbolize grace, strength, and magic charm. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are snapdragons poisonous?

No. These plants are non-toxic, so they cannot harm either humans or animals. Please note that some beautiful flowers, like the Bird of Paradise, are toxic to humans and animals. 

2. What does snapdragon taste like?

Snapdragons can have a mild to bitter flavor depending on the kind, color, and soil conditions. 

3. How long do snapdragons last in a vase?  

Snapdragons have a vase life of 5 to 16 days with proper maintenance. You should pick or buy it when each stalk has two to five open flowers. 

4. Do snapdragons smell good?

Yes. Bumble bees, hummingbirds, and other big bees are among the pollinators drawn to the blossom by its fragrance. 


You can use snapdragons in some recipes, depending on your taste. If you like its genuine bitterness, go for a salad. Otherwise, you can pickle, sugar, or simply use these beautiful flowers for decorating the dishes. 

It’s time to add some fresh touches to your old recipes. What do you think about snapdragons? Try it, and share with us your interesting experience. 

Thank you for reading! 

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