How To Grow Yellow Crocus In The Snow

How To Grow Yellow Crocus In The Snow?

The snowy background is stunning for every color of flower to pop out. If you like this idea, you won’t want to miss the yellow crocus

You may wonder whether you can grow yellow crocus in the snow and how it can withstand the freezing temperature. So today, we will get you covered with some gardening tips. Let’s see what we have! 

yellow crocus bulbs
yellow crocus bulbs


Can You Grow Yellow Crocus In The Snow?

Yes. Crocuses need to be chilly for around four months in the winter because they are native to regions with cold winter temperatures.

The corm goes into rest when the soil temperature falls to 35°F or less. In contrast to hot weather, the plant’s physiological response to cold weather tells it to blossom in the spring.

How To Grow Yellow Crocus In The Snow?

when to plant crocus bulbs
when to plant crocus bulbs

Before learning how to grow yellow crocus, let’s check some basic information about this species:

  • Hardiness zones: 3-8
  • Heat zones: 1-8
  • Plant type: Bulbs
  • Family: Crocus
  • Exposure: Full sun to partial shade
  • Height: 4-6 inches
  • Maintenance: Low
  • Planting depth: 3-4 inches
  • Soil pH: 6-8
  • Water needs: Average 

Step 1: Choose the right time

Gardeners often grow yellow crocuses in the fall so that they will bloom in the spring. This period allows the plants to experience the cold winter. 

You can plant crocus corms almost any place before the ground freezes. Yet, avoid the dense shade as they need full sun. 

It would be best to grow the corms six to eight weeks before the hard frost of the fall comes and when the soil is below 60°F.

If you are in Canada or northern America, grow the plants from September to October. And if you live in southern America, start your crop in October or November.  

Step 2: Plant the crocus

Work with the soil first by adding compost to create a fertile environment for your plant development. Don’t forget to mix bulb fertilizer in the soil. It would be best to learn more about the soil characteristics before starting your gardening. 

Then, grow corms separately or in groups. You can push the corms into the soil about three to four inches deep. A bulb planter or a trowel will help perform this step easier. 

Yellow crocuses look beautiful in groups. They also tolerate crowding. Nevertheless, if overcrowded, the flowers will be smaller. What’s worse, the plant can’t produce flowers.  

autumn crocus bulbs
autumn crocus bulbs

Step 3: Take care of the crocus

If the spring is short and the days get hot quickly, use a balanced fertilizer for the early autumn.

However, if the spring is mild and long, use fertilizer after bulbs bloom in late winter. Your crocuses will use the excess nutrients to grow bigger stores of carbohydrates.

Water the yellow crocuses throughout the fall if the climate is dry before the first snow or if there isn’t any snow in your region.  

When the weather turns dry over the autumn, make sure to water your crocus beds, but avoid soaking them. You can mulch the beds and prepare for the winter ahead at this stage. 

Winter has passed. It’s time to remove the mulches from your crocuses for the shoots to come through. However, you still have the late-season frost to face and leaving a light coating of leavers can help. 

Keep the coverings on hand in March to shield the blooms when the severe weather returns. 

Crocuses resist diseases and insects. However, squirrels love munching on freshly planted corms. 

Cover the space with a barrier if squirrels are a problem in your neighborhood, especially when winter snow falls. Alternatively, you can spray a repellant over the area.

If you plant crocuses on the lawn, cut the dead foliage on the bulbs to supply necessary nutrients for the blooms next year. 

When the flowering season is over, and the leaves have wilted, you should wait at least one month before mowing over the dead vegetation. 

how to plant crocus bulbs
how to plant crocus bulbs

Will Snow Hurt Your Crocuses?

Snow works as an insulator, keeping the area around your plant warmer than the surrounding air. Hence, it won’t stop the life cycle of crocuses because they are resilient plants. Moreover, the foliage is highly resistant to the cold and can even survive under heavy snow. 

Unfortunately, yellow crocus young buds are vulnerable to cold damage because they are a bit more delicate. You can cover crocuses with a frost barrier blanket if you worry about a sudden storm coming.

You can also use plastic, cardboard, or even a soil barrier. The key is to surround the plants with materials to avoid the extreme cold from attacking. 

Covers prevent plants from being damaged by heavy snow. However, in most circumstances, the flowers will reappear once the ice has melted. Since crocuses can resist cold up to -20°F, your plants only suffer from the harshest climates.

yellow giant crocus
yellow giant crocus

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the best place to plant yellow crocus bulbs?

Crocuses love partial to full sun places with well-drained soil. You might even plant them on the lawn, where they will offer the waking grass a dazzling sparkle. 

2. How long does it take for crocus bulbs to grow?

For species with fall blooms, it takes about six to ten weeks. Yet, for spring flowering ones, you need to wait for four months. 

3. What month do yellow crocus flowers bloom?

Crocuses usually flower in late winter to early spring. However, some other crocus cultivars bloom in autumn. 

crocus bulbs
crocus bulbs


Yellow crocuses can withstand cold water, making it possible to grow in snow. Yet, remember to protect your plants from external elements, such as storms or squirrels. Then, your spring garden will look amazing. 

We have shared with you all the tips needed for the crocus crop. Please let us know if you want to grow any plant but have no idea about it. We will talk about it in the next post. 

Thank you for reading! 


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