Is it bad to water plants in the sun?

Best & Worst Time To Water Plants | 3 things you should notice

We should know the worst time to water plants to avoid them. In addition, we should also know what is the best time to water the plant so that it can grow optimally. So do you know which time of day watering is best, which form of irrigation is suitable for your farming conditions? Let’s follow the article to know more about the best and worst time to water plants.

Why Do Plants Need Water?        

Plants need elements like light, water, air, temperature and other nutrients to survive and thrive. In particular, do plants need water and why do plants need water? Here are the 6 most basic reasons a plant needs water to grow.

  • First, seeds need water to germinate. Water acts as a signal to the seeds that it is time to germinate.
  • Second, like the human body instead of plants, it is mostly made of water. Accordingly, plant cells are composed of 80-90% water. Water fills the plant cells so that the body of the plants is vertical, from which the plant is made up of its shape/volume.
  • Third, water plays a major role in plant photosynthesis, which is the process by which plants produce energy.
  • Fourth, water is used for regulating their temperature. Plants release water from their stems and leaves to cool down.
  • Fifth, water provides the nutrients needed for plant growth. In fact, plants can only absorb the nutrients they need when they are liquid.
  • Finally, water is the “helper” for plants to grow. That is, plants depend on water. In fact, useful organisms in the soil can only be absorbed by plants when water is catalyzed.

    Is it bad to water plants at night?
    Is it bad to water plants at night?

When Is The Worst Time To Water Plants?

As a general rule, the worst time to water plants is noon or evening. In the mid-day, the temperature is very high, which will evaporate most of the water supplied to the plant. In the evening, the foliage and stems are in a wet state, so watering the plant can cause disease in the plant.

As you probably know, in the middle of the day, this is the hottest time of the day. High temperatures will make it harder for the plant to absorb water because the temperature evaporates all the water that has reached the plant. When it reaches the plant at this time, instead of moistening the ground, the hot temperature will evaporate water vapor from the soil. Honestly, watering plants in the middle of the day is the worst time to water plants.

In the evening, watering the plants at this time is also harmful. In general, you should not water at night because moisture from the water will create conditions for pathogens to develop. However, you can opt for safe watering of plants using a soaking and drip hose or a lower hose with direct irrigation to the ground. Remember, when you water in the evening, do not let water get on the leaves, as this will incubate the pathogens on the leaves.

Worst time to water plants
Worst time to water plants

When Is The Best Time To Water Plants ?

The best time to water plants is:

In the early morning, it is best before sunrise. Have you ever wondered why farmers get up so early ? One of those reasons is that farmers get up early to water their plants. At this time, when it comes to the plant, it will help the plant quench its thirst as well as store enough water for the rest of the day. If you get to the plants early, they will have enough water and will not wilt even during the hottest part of the day.

Is it okay to water plants at night?
Is it okay to water plants at night?

But let’s be honest, many people can’t wake up early in the morning so choose a different time frame to water their plants. They tend to water plants in the evening when they don’t have time in the afternoon. The advice is to choose to water the plant in the morning as it will always be better. Watering the plant in the morning will help nourish the plant and refresh it during photosynthesis. Despite the fact that watering plants in the evening is still possible, it is only possible to get into the soil.

We can water the plants safely and in the afternoon after the sun has gone down. You should try to water from 4 pm onwards, as before this time the sun is still hot enough to burn the plants and do not water the plants after 7 pm to avoid pests as well as mold that can penetrate and harm the crops.

Depending on the weather conditions and ambient temperature, we can choose different time frames for watering plants. However, the safest is between 7-10 am and from 4-6 pm. In addition, it is necessary to choose the right form of irrigation so as not to affect your crops.

Can you water plants at night ?
Can you water plants at night ?

How Often To Water Plants?

The frequency of watering the plant will depend on the type of plant.

  • With flowers, it is recommended to water from 1 to 2 times. You can water in the morning or late afternoon. If you choose to water 1 time a day, it is best to water in the morning
  • For ornamental plants, avoid overwatering. You can water 2 times with the first to hide the soil, then 10-20 minutes of watering add water to the plant.
  • For home-grown green vegetables, if in hot weather, it should be watered 3 times a day. In winter, it should be watered 1 to 2 times per day.

    Best and worst time to water plants
    Best and worst time to water plants

What Is The Best Water For Plants?

Rainwater and bottled spring are two great waters to give your plants. Remember, any water that contains sugar and salt is bad for your plants.

You can use distilled water and it doesn’t not harm the plants. But, this water will not help the plant grow quickly because it does not contain useful nutrients for the plant.

Meanwhile, spring water contains a lot of natural minerals that are necessary for optimal plant growth. As for distilled water, this water only keeps your plants alive without adding any nutrients for the plants to grow.

Is it bad to water plants in the sun?
Is it bad to water plants in the sun?

How To Water Plants?

Steps to properly water the plant:

  • Focus watering at the soil level and continue watering until the roots are thoroughly soaked.
  • Check the soil before watering. To measure moisture best, use your hands.I f you find that the surface of the soil is dry, probe a few more inches with your hands. If the soil is dry, it’s time, otherwise wait for the next day.
  • Start watering slowly. If the soil surface is dry, it can cause water to stagnate or flow out and the plant cannot absorb it. So, the solution is to water slowly and gradually so that the plant is thoroughly soaked. When the top few inches of soil are moist, the water absorbs into the plant more easily.
  • Remember not to water too much. Remember that plants need oxygen from water to live. For most plants, it’s best to let the soil surface dry out a bit rather than completely wet. 
  • And remember, on hot days, don’t let the ground get too dry because at this time the plant needs moisture to live. If the soil is too dry, it can cause the roots to be destroyed.
  • You can use mulch to conserve moisture. Cover the surface of the soil with a thin layer of organic mud, shredded leaves or bark. This will help limit water evaporation as well as minimize runoff. Remember not to cover a thick layer as it can block moisture from reaching the roots.

    Can I water my plants at night? 
    Can I water my plants at night?

Frequently Asked Questions        

Is It Pointless To Water Plants At Night?

No, it isn’t. Although watering plants at night is not necessary, if you do not have time to water during the day, it can be watered at night. Most plant species do not require care at night. But in some cases, the plant needs water to live if it is not watered during the day. 

And when watering plants at night, it should be watered properly, for example, directly in the soil instead of on the stems and branches of the plant.

When Should You Water Plants On A Hot Day?

Is it okay to water plants in the sun? On hot days, you should water it early in the morning when the weather is cool. This allows the plant root system to receive more water as there will be less steam evaporation.

There will be times when you can’t water your plants in the morning, right? In this case, water the plant in the late afternoon or maybe water the plant before going to bed. You will not need to water too much and only water in a sufficient amount to keep the plant alive. And try to water the plant early in the morning for the following days so that the plant is watered in the most optimal way.

Best time to water indoor plants
Best time to water indoor plants

The information that the article has just shared helps you understand which is the worst time to water plants and actively choose the right irrigation system. In addition, you also know more information related to watering plants properly. Water is essential for the life of the plant, so knowing how to provide the right water will help the plant grow optimally.


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