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How to Grow and Care for the Casa Blanca Lily (2023 Guide)

Casa Blanca Lily‘ is a popular hybrid Oriental lily in the Lilium genus. Its beautiful floral bulbs bloom in the middle to late summer, following Asiatic lilies, which bloom earlier during the season. Both species of lily are simple to grow. ‘Casa Blanca’ has robust leaves and very large, fragrant blooms.

Oriental cultivars, such as ‘Casa Blanca,’ flourish in milder climates, can endure poor soil conditions, and produce larger flowers on three to four-foot tall stems. Between 6 and 8 blooms are produced by each stem.

Six sparkling white petals with reddish-brown anthers adorn each Lilium ‘Casa Blanca’ flower. Every huge eight-inch broad petal curls outwards when it opens, shining brightly in the summer sun.

lilium casa blanca
lilium casa blanca

They are quite fragrant on robust, dark green stems and form excellent fresh-cut flowers that are frequently used by gardeners and in bridal bouquets. This bulbous perennial is tolerant in USDA Zones 5 through 8 (and sometimes 4 and 9), and it grows extensively and vigorously in pots and garden beds.

Learn how to care for the gorgeous ‘Casa Blanca Lily’ and watch it offer richness and texture to your scenery, possibly even in a moon garden.

How To Grow Casa Blanca Lily?

Grow Casa Blanca Lily In Your Garden

Lilies are available in the form of bulbs that resemble chubby onions and can be ordered through the mail or acquired from your local nursery. Wood shavings are typically used to store bulbs. For the greatest start, choose young, healthy bulbs rather than dried-out older ones. Early spring is a good time to plant bulbs, either in a pot or straight into the ground. Find a location with good drainage because they prefer it and hate soggy soil. A slope is ideal. To keep them cool, bury them in a 15-cm layer of compost. Since the white blossoms of lilies can bleach in the strong afternoon sun, they require a sunny location with afternoon shade in warm climes. In cooler climates, however, they can endure more sun. You will have a lovely show in 14 weeks.

Don’t bother them for at least six years. Nourish them bulb food every spring as the leaves appear. Bulbs grow larger, stems thicken, and the quantity of flowers rises to the point where you can have 45 blooms on one stem and they can grow to be over 2m tall.

oriental lily white
oriental lily white

Grow Casa Blanca Lily In Pots

Lilies thrive in containers, making them ideal for a sunny deck, terrace, veranda, or balcony. Pick up 5 bulbs, a 25 cm wide container, and a bag of the finest potting soil at your local nursery. Make sure all 5 bulbs are 10 cm deep when planting them in the 25 cm pot, then give each one a 60 cm slim stake. Utilizing some liquid bulb food, hydrate the bulbs. White stones finish the appearance and serve as mulch to keep soil moisture in. Once a week, water, being careful not to overwater. Every two weeks, give the liquid bulb nourishment again for larger, better blooms.

planting asiatic lilies
planting asiatic lilies

How to Care For The Casa Blanca Lily 

The Lilium Casa Blanca flower is regarded as a plant that requires average maintenance. Pay attention to the temperature they receive because they thrive in chilly climates. Plants like Oriental lily Casablanca have quite basic requirements.

Light Requirements 

Make sure your white Casablanca lily has plenty of light. For them to thrive, they require at least six hours of full or direct sunlight. So make sure you give it. Try to control it by giving the plant’s top area some direct sunlight. A small amount of shade is needed to preserve the lower portion’s bulbs from drying out from too much sun.

Even in complete shade, the exotic white Casa Blanca lily can flourish. However, you will be left with a lanky, ugly plant that had weaker stems. If it does, a stake would be required to direct and guide the growth of the stems.

A south-facing window should be your ideal spot. It provides enough sunlight for the white Casa Blanca lilies.  You can provide shade for the Casablanca lily bulbs by growing other plants around the lily.  Low-growing flowering plants like the evening primrose.  

asiatic lily care
asiatic lily care

Lilium Casa Blanca Water Requirements

The white plant requires routine watering. In order to avoid the plant’s root becoming overly stressed, aim for moist soil. Consequently, avoid overwatering the white lily plant. A plant might die from excessive drought, therefore underwatering is also undesirable.

Depending on the climate, water once or twice a week. The frequency of watering should increase as the temperature rises. Before watering, always use your fingertips to check if the soil is moist. For reliable findings, you can also utilize a moisture meter.

Since rainwater might be harsh on plants, dechlorinated water is necessary. Before using tap water on the casa blanca lily plant, let it sit out for a day. Also, be sure to water the plant’s roots rather than its leaves. This can hinder bacterial development.

white asiatic lilies
white asiatic lilies

Casa Blanca Lily Soil Requirements

When it refers to soil type, Lily Casablancas is not picky. It must be well-draining, and that is the main necessity. For healthy growth, it should also be abundant in organic compost. To maintain its temperature cool, you will want to mulch it. The soil should have a pH that is somewhat acidic. For ideal soil, go for a range between 6.0 and 7.0.

Ideal Humidity And Temperature Requirements

The White lily requires a chilly environment. They can survive in cold locations because they are frost- or cold-hardy. It should be alright if the temperature is between twenty and forty degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid places with a lot of humidity, such as the bathroom or kitchen. Leave them in any common space because they thrive in dry environments. Avoid spraying the plant as well.

white casablanca lily
white casablanca lily

Casa Blanca Lily Fertilizer Needs

Throughout its growing season, regular fertilizer is required every two weeks. This should be a 5-10-5 fertilizer, which is a low-nitrogen fertilizer.

Propagating The Casablanca Lily

Blooms will most likely develop so huge that the plants will flop over every 3 or 4 years. Stake plants till the flowers have completed blossoming because this weakens the stem. The bulbs should then be dug out and divided in autumn. Plant the bulbs and cover them with a few inches of organic mulch.

casa blanca flowers el paso
casa blanca flowers el paso

Common Pests and Diseases

Overwatering and creating a sloppy environment might lead bulbs to decay. Gray mold can also be caused by very rainy weather. Be wary of aphids that carry the lily mosaic virus, which is incurable. Pick lily leaf beetles by hand.

Casa Blanca Lily FAQs

How deep to plant lily bulbs?

Plant stem-rooting Casa Blanca lilies at a depth that is around 2.5 times the bulb’s height. The pointy tip of the bulb scales ideally points upward when planting the bulbs, with the basal plate—which has hair-like roots flowing down from it—facing downward.

how deep to plant lily bulbs
how deep to plant lily bulbs

Is white oriental lily hard to grow?

Despite having a fancy appearance, casa blanca lily is actually incredibly simple to grow. They do well in full sun, part sun, dappled shade, and even light shade because they aren’t picky about the pH or type of soil. Lilies should be planted as soon as possible, preferably in the spring or fall.

Is the Casa Blanca lily poisonous?

Toxic to cats but not to any other known species of animal. Cut back leaves and stems as the flowering is finished, as soon as they turn yellow. This plant might self-seed. In the garden, sow seeds in the fall or early spring.

white oriental lily
white oriental lily

Do lilies regrow after cutting?

Lilies, like tulips and daffodils, require leaves to store nutrients for the following season’s flowers. Individual bloom cutting causes no harm. If you cut a lily, don’t take over than 1/2 to 2/3 of the stem (leaves) otherwise it won’t be able to regenerate itself to bloom the next summer.

Does oriental white lily grow better in pots or ground?

Lilies thrive in pots, where they can be strategically placed in the landscape for maximum impact. It’s an excellent technique to raise lovely casa blanca lily plants, especially if you don’t have a garden.


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