how to cut down a palm tree

How To Cut Down A Palm Tree: Step-by-step Guide

Do you want to know how to cut down a palm tree properly? It can be difficult to remove a palm tree. There are numerous factors to consider before removing your palm tree. In this guide, we will explain the most crucial elements to consider while removing your palm tree, as well as a palm tree removal service that can help. We’ll also give you some pointers on how to make the procedure run as smoothly as possible. So, if you’re planning on removing your palm tree this year, ensure to first read our useful instructions!

how to remove palm trees
how to remove palm trees

How To Cut Down A Palm Tree: Step-by-step Guide

Here is the finest method and the entire process to follow if you need to take down a palm tree in your yard without using a chainsaw.

Submit a Permit Application

Before embarking on a DIY palm removal project, you should first determine whether a permit is necessary. Due to a recent change in state law, cities might no longer require a permit to remove trees that pose harm to people or property.

In any event, you can’t just assume that a palm has passed the point of no return. It is essential to have a trained arborist examine the risk. If the palm is genuinely harmful, as assessed by the arborist’s examination, it can be removed without a license.

Check Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

This is an important step if you are worried about damaging your house or roof while removing your palm. Any damage you cause by felling a palm tree is unlikely to be covered by a conventional homeowner’s insurance policy.

cutting down a tree in sections
cutting down a tree in sections

However, if you have full insurance, this type of damage may be covered. If you wish to pull down the palm yourself, make sure the damage is covered by your insurance coverage.

Prepare a Disposal Plan

If you are going to do the removal yourself, make a garbage disposal plan first. When a palm tree is chopped down, a surprising amount of biomass must be disposed of, therefore it’s a good idea to have a plan in place. If your yard is big enough, you might let your garden waste decay in a designated location for several years.

Get the Right Equipment

Collect all of the tools needed for the next stage. You could be capable of removing a young palm tree from the ground with a mechanical saw and some guy ropes. If that is the case, you’ll only need this and a pair of strong shoes, gloves, and safety glasses. If you have a larger palm, though, you’ll have to put together these tools to cut down trees: a saw, gloves and a safety belt, protective eyewear, and a sturdy step ladder. You can start working once you’ve gathered these materials.

using a rope to help fell a tree
using a rope to help fell a tree

Choose Your Palm Tree Cutting Method

Choosing a strategy that works for you is the initial step in cutting down trees in a palm. If the palm is still juvenile and there are no obstacles, a cutting at the base might be an alternative.

To get the palm to fall in an intended way, remove a wedge from the side where you need it to fall. You might direct the tree’s trunk to fall south by cutting a wedge from the palm’s south side, for example. It is advised that the wedge is between one-third and one-quarter the diameter of the trunk.

Slowly approach the wedge cutout with your blade. Even if you have not severed the trunk through already, it may begin to fall on its own at this point. If this happens, don’t cut it any further; the fall will be easier that way.

If you have to make a smooth cut to the wedge, perform it at the end with the utmost caution; the falling trunk might injure you if it springs backward. If your palm is too large to cut in one piece from the bottom up, top it off before removing the trunk sections. Let’s take a closer look at the procedure with us.

how to cut a tree on the ground with a chainsaw
how to cut a tree on the ground with a chainsaw

Trim the Branches

If your palm tree is too enormous to be cut in one piece, the very first step is to remove the fronds. Consider the fact that if you want to chop the palm down to the ground but want to reduce the rate at which the leaves fall, you may do the same thing.

Palm plants and their fronds are simple to prune (though also lightly hazardous). To begin, secure your ladder to the trunk’s bottom. The fronds may then be removed individually using a hand-held tree saw. Carefully cut the stalks that aren’t directly above you. Change the location of your ladder to ensure that it and you are not hit by any dropping palm fronds.

how to cut a tree down from the top
how to cut a tree down from the top

Divide the tree into small sections

After you’ve removed the fronds, you may start cutting away at the trunk. To reduce the risk of harm, only cut off a section no longer than your arm’s reach at a time.

Take caution, as this is a critical assignment. If the falling tree trunk parts hit you and your ladder, you could easily tumble to the ground. To avoid accidents, carefully organize your ladder and work with attention.

Taking the Trunk’s Bottom Off

After you’ve chopped down the trunk of your palm tree, you’ll need to remove the base. Some folks opt to keep the base and utilize it as a plant stand or stool. If you want it removed, hiring a stump grinder is the best solution. A palm tree stump can be removed by letting it decompose, but a stump grinder is significantly more effective.

how to uproot a tree
how to uproot a tree

Get Rid of the Waste

The final step after cutting down your palm tree is to remove the debris. We’ve previously stated that you may either leave it on your land to degrade or have it taken away.

It is also feasible to employ a chipping service to lessen the size of the biomass, albeit this will be dependent on the thickness of the trunk of your palm. As a result, it will decompose more quickly in a compost bin. You might also use wood chips as fertilizer in your garden.

How To Trim A Palm Tree?

palm tree trimming before and after
palm tree trimming before and after

The appropriate tools must first be on hand before you attempt to prune a palm tree. A pair of bypass pruners or loopers make quick work of pruning small indoor palm trees. If you don’t have enough time or feel uneasy pruning your palm tree, a larger palm may require hiring a professional. To reach fronds, you might need to put on climbing gear or ascend a ladder. The only good parts of the tree should be left behind after trimming any palms with dead fronds, or diseased, or damaged sections.

  • It’s really simple to trim a little indoor palm. Here are the procedures for properly pruning a sizable outside palm tree, nevertheless.
  • To prevent the spread of disease to your plant, make absolutely sure your instruments are clean and sterile. Use a one-to-three ratio of bleach to the water in your solution.
  • If the fronds are not positioned at a 90-degree angle and you can cut or saw them without injuring the trunk, you should.
  • To access portions of a palm tree that are higher than 15 feet, get an extension ladder or climbing equipment.
  • Pruning palm trees can be done using looping shears but removing boots from a trunk that don’t fall off is made easier with a linoleum knife.
  • Only remove fronds that are brown, dead, and dropping downward; leave the golden fronds alone. Considering this aids the palm’s ability to retain nutrients and grow strong and healthy.

When pruning a palm tree, be patient and carefully inspect the plant to search for any signs of vermin, disease, fungus, or other issues. Call a professional to take care of your plants’ upkeep if you aren’t confident enough to prune a palm.

What can you do with the trunks of palm trees?

When palm tree trunks are finished, it is advisable to ground them up and use the resulting mulch in your gardens.

cutting down a palm tree
cutting down a palm tree

The rigid core of the trunk will most certainly coil over shortly after being severed, according to the majority of experts. When two or three objects are stacked together, transportation is frequently made easier. It is sometimes more practicable to tie a rope around the ends of a number of downed trunks and utilize a car or truck to move them whole if there are several palms near together.

If stacking is challenging, you could also leave them where they fall on the floor. Last but not least, you have a choice that most people are unaware of grinding up palm trees after they have been felled. If you perform the work yourself, you can acquire this mulch, which is excellent for your plants, for nothing. Verify that no pesticides or other substances that could be detrimental to plants were used on the tree. 

How To Cut A Palm Tree Down – FAQs

How deep are palm tree roots?

Actually, a palm tree’s root system only extends a little over three feet deep. This type of tree’s roots is unique in that they spread out into the ground horizontally instead of vertically. There is no tap root. The area where the tree reaches the earth is known as the initiation zone.

do palm trees have deep roots
do palm trees have deep roots

How tall is a palm tree?

Depending on the species, palm tree size varies greatly. The height of a typical palm tree ranges from 32 to 50 feet, which is very amazing. The wax palm, which can reach an astounding height of 200 feet in its native Andes, is the highest species of palm tree in the world.

How to trim a palm tree trunk?

Start at the base of the vegetation and search for fronds that are dead, dying, or broken. Take off any dead or damaged fronds from the trunk using your trimming tools. Remove each frond from the trunk by at least 2 inches (5.08 cm). Pruning too closely to the tree’s trunk can cause damage.

How to kill palm trees?

Triclopyr or its derivatives (like triethylamine salt or butoxy ethyl ester), picloram, and 2,4-D are the most powerful herbicides for palm trees. The way these compounds hurt palm plants is by closely mimicking a growth hormone called auxin.

How to get rid of a palm tree stump?

One of the most efficient ways to quickly remove a palm tree stump is to utilize a stump grinder. Stump grinders are intended to grind down stumps to the soil level, as their name suggests. They eliminate the protruding stump and prevent some tree species from resprouting.

how to cut up a large tree on the ground
how to cut up a large tree on the ground

Final Words About Cutting Down A Palm Tree

So, how to cut down a palm tree? We talked about the process of cutting down a palm tree in the article. In the summer, palm trees are lovely and offer lots of shade, but if they aren’t kept in check, they can also become much taller than you would like. We also discussed when it might be appropriate to put your old hand down permanently. Give us a call if you need assistance with the removal or trimming of a tall palm tree! We are pleased to demonstrate to you the capabilities of our experts on these kinds of projects.


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