How long do red potatoes take to grow

How Long Do Potatoes Take To Grow? | 5 things to notice

Potatoes are inherently a very nutritious food and also a favorite food of many families. And the cultivation of potatoes is also quite simple. So how long do potatoes take to grow? This will depend on quite a few factors. And let’s read the article below to know how to grow this nutrient-rich tuber and how long do potatoes take to grow.

Different Types Of Potatoes

Here is a list of the different types of potatoes that you can find in local supermarkets or markets


This type of potato is derived from the name Burbank Russers. This type of potato has such characteristics as:

  • Large
  • Round
  • White flesh
  • Higher water content
  • Thick brown skin

This russet potato is extremely versatile in cooking because it can be cooked into many different dishes. Popular dishes associated with russet potatoes are baked potatoes, french fries, and mashed potatoes.

Yukon gold

The reason for calling Yukon Gold is because it is a combination of the Yukon River and the deep yellow color of potato flesh. This type of potato is a hybrid of Peruvian golden potatoes.

The characteristics of this potato are oval or round, medium size, light brown skin and no eye growth. 

They are yellow like wax, contain a lot of starch and taste almost identical to butter. This type of potato is suitable for almost all different dishes.

This is considered the best potato when making mashed potatoes. In particular, it tastes extremely good if mixed with butter and milk.

Do potatoes need full sun
Do potatoes need full sun


This is a type of potato with yellow skin and white flesh. There are also several types with dark purple skin, called purple Peruvian.

This type of potato tastes very good when baked in the oven or pan. You’ll love their crispy outer layer and would be perfect if paired with beef.

And the purple variety is especially beautiful and extremely suitable for making dishes at parties.

Red potatoes

This red potato is small, with white flesh and less starchy than russet potatoes.

While many types of potatoes need to be peeled when eaten, the skin of red potatoes is highly appreciated.

Red potatoes are usually steamed or baked in the oven. Boiled red potatoes are considered a dish with very high nutritional value. 

Purple potatoes

Purple potatoes will be available in a variety of sizes. In terms of shape, there is an oval shape and a round shape with sizes from small to medium. The skin and flesh of this potato are both purple.

This potato contains a lot of starch as russet potatoes and has a very good taste. Almost every cooking method goes well with this variety of potatoes, from boiling to frying.

This type of potato is less popular and more expensive. They are often found in restaurants and are used to make dishes more eye-catching.

Petite potatoes

Characteristics of petite potatoes include:

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Less starchy

These potatoes are loved because it takes very little time to cook them. They will taste extremely good if boiled or roasted.

White potatoes

There are many different types of white potatoes but most of them have white flesh and thin skin. If you ask how long do potatoes take to grow, this is the type of potato that brings high crop yields. And most of the french fries on the market are made from white potatoes. Their flavor characteristics are sweet with a creamy texture. They can be stewed and served with ice cream and cheese.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes come in different colors and sizes. The most common type is light lifting with dark orange flesh. This type of potato is richer in fiber and more nutritious than regular potatoes. Their taste is very sweet, so it is suitable for making desserts. This is also the favorite potato in many diets.

How long do sweet potatoes take to grow?
How long do sweet potatoes take to grow?

Potatoes Planting Guide       

When To Plant Potatoes?

Potatoes are vegetables that have the ability to grow strongly so you can plant them at any time of the year. According to experience, to get the most delicious potatoes, it is best to plant at the time of 3 seasons:

  • Early crop: Sow in the range of 7-8 months and harvest at the end of 10-12 months.
  • Main crop: Sow around mid-September and harvest about 2-3 years later.
  • Late crop: Sow on November – 12 and harvest about 3 – 4 years later.

Potatoes need to live in warm weather with night temperatures should be constantly above 15 degrees Celsius. Potatoes will not grow when in temperatures below 13 degrees Celsius.

How long do red potatoes take to grow
How long do red potatoes take to grow

How Deep To Plant Potatoes?

The advice is that when growing potatoes, first dig trenches 6 to 8 inches deep. Plant each potato piece (cut side down, with eyes pointing up) for each 12-15 inches. Remember, the rows should be about 3 feet apart. If your growing space is limited then you should plant baby tomatoes and reduce the distance between plants.

Moreover, fill the trenches with 4 inches of soil. Then you let the plant grow. Next, you will continue to fill the trenches with soil or even cover the soil around the plants so that they grow even stronger. This will help remove wild plants so that they have more nutrients and grow faster.

How Many Potatoes Per Plant?

Under different conditions of care and growth, each plant will produce a different number of potatoes. 

According to statistics, if you grow 4 to 5 pounds of seed potatoes, under healthy conditions, then you will harvest about 125 pounds of potatoes.

How Far Apart To Plant Potatoes?

Plant the seed pieces 10 to 12 inches apart. Moreover, it is recommended to plant rows 24 to 36 inches apart. The most optimal distance would be 24 inches because at this time the plant shades the soil to wrinkle the high temperature affecting the growth of the tubers.

How long do russet potatoes take to grow?
How long do russet potatoes take to grow?

How To Plant Potatoes? 

Growing potatoes is usually planted with potato sprouts, so before planting for about 2 days you need to prepare yourself with healthy potato sprouts and be free of pests and diseases. Note that potato sprouts should be kept in a dry place to avoid dampness or water, when planting potato sprouts will rot.

The soil for planting potatoes is nutrient-rich, loose, not waterlogged soil. In addition, it is possible to add worm manure and NPK fertilizer to provide adequate nutrients for plants, improving the quality of tubers. In case you plant potatoes in a styrofoam container or in a pot and pay attention to the bottom there should be drainage holes so that the potatoes do not waterlog.

You put the potato sprouts down. Then lightly fill it so that the potato sprouts rise to the ground. Then water the soil moisture. If you plant potatoes in a styrofoam container or pot, then after planting it should be brought to a shady place. When the plant has recovered, it is necessary to bring the plant to light so that the plant continues to grow and develop.

Some tips when growing sweet potatoes are:

  • It is necessary to provide enough water for potatoes to get down to the tubers at least 1 time in the afternoon. In addition, you should weed and kill insects that harm the tubers.
  • During the process of plant development, proceed to cultivate the soil for the plant a few times so that the potato is down to the tuber. It is not recommended to let the open tuber be hit by direct light because the skin and intestines of the potato will be green.
  • Make sure the place you plant has enough light for the plant to grow and develop well because potatoes are inherently light-loving plants.

    How long do purple potatoes take to grow?
    How long do purple potatoes take to grow?

How Long Does It Take To Grow Potatoes?

Potatoes will take at least 10 weeks to get the first small tubers. For the tubers to mature enough to the optimal size, it will take about 80 to 100 days. 

In general, how long do potatoes take to grow and how long do potatoes take to grow from seed will depend on a lot of factors. If grown and cared for in the best conditions, they will grow quickly and you can harvest them early. But if in poor nutritional conditions or without thorough care, it will take longer for the potato to grow and develop.

how long do potatoes take to grow
How long do potatoes take to grow

When Are Potatoes Ready To Harvest?

How long do potatoes take to grow and harvest? When you see that the potato plant has wilted stems, water it one last time, then wait about 10-11 weeks. Then cut the whole potato cord and wait another 5-7 days to harvest the tubers. After harvesting, potatoes should be kept in a cool, dark place and protected from direct sunlight or wet places where the potatoes may be green or sprout. In about 2 weeks you need to check 1 time to remove rotten tubers so that it spreads to other tubers.

How long do Kennebec potatoes take to grow?
How long do Kennebec potatoes take to grow?

How long do potatoes take to grow? On average, potatoes will take 10 weeks to grow into small tubers. Generally speaking, it will depend on many factors to determine the time it takes for potatoes to grow. If you are a fan of eating potatoes then growing this plant yourself is a great idea.


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