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Hedge plants with flowers 33 Best Flowering Hedge Plants To Grow

You have a space in front of your house that you don’t know what to do with it.Here are the best hedge plants with flowers for you to decorate your home.

What Is The Nicest Looking Hedge? 

Traditionally, most fences are made of hard materials such as reinforced concrete or metal mesh. Nowadays, the trend is changing. To have a nice looking hedge, many people have chosen to build fences with trees. As such, hedge plants with flowers seem to be trending in fence design and construction.

Hedge Plants with flowers will bring completely natural space in front of the house. In particular, the green fence brings newness to the house.

Hedge plants with flowers
Hedge plants with flowers

What Are Flowering Plants?

Flowering plants bring great mental effects to enjoyers, and at the same time, flowering plants also have a great effect on increasing life expectancy and helping the elderly live healthier.  

Moreover, with the current alarming problem of environmental pollution, planting flowering trees for fencing is also a good thing to do. These plants not only beautify the fence of the house but also bring freshness to the air.

Shrub with purple flowers
Shrub with purple flowers

What Are The Best Flowering Plants For Hedges? 


Hydrangea is a plant native to East Asia and the Americas. This hedge plant with flowers is white when flowering and changes color according to PH in the soil as well as depending on the place of planting. Growing Hydrangea flowers under the fence will help you have a colorful flower garden, creating a unique beauty for your home.

Hydrangea can also be planted to decorate the garden miniature or planted in front of the house, next to the fences. It is even possible to plant plants into bright flower hedges.

In addition, with many colors and can change according to adaptive conditions, for example, bush with purple flowers. These hedge plants with flowers are also planted in landscape parks, urban areas, sidewalks and so on.


Lilac is one of the great hedge plants with flowers that you can choose from. This plant has beautiful flowers with characteristic purple colors. In addition, Lilac also has an extremely attractive scent. That being said, growing Lilac at the fence is one of the best plants for fence lines and also a way for you to get the natural essential oil of this plant.

Best flowering bushes for front of house
Best flowering bushes for front of house


Azalea is one of the best plants for fences because they bring extremely fresh colors to your home. The plant is suitable for fencing because Azalea is very light-loving. This is a plant that gives flowers for many years with each blooming season lasting 1 month. Growing Azalea in the garden carries the meaning that it is a symbol of love and faith. Azalea also carries the symbol of warmth, reunion and good luck for the homeowner.

Rose Of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a small shrub and the best plant for fences, with good sun tolerance, perennial with a height of 1.5 meters to 2 meters, so it is very suitable for hedge planting. The plant usually gives flowers until the end of the sunny season. Because the plant belongs to the line of full sun-loving plants, the more sunny the plant, the more beautiful it is.

Flowering bushes for front of house
Flowering bushes for front of house

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush is a small tree with a height of about 1 to 2 meters so this is considered an ideal hedge plant with flowers. This plant also has white flowers. The flowers of the Butterfly Bush tree have a pleasant aroma, so it will bring a natural aroma to the house.


Forsythia is the perfect hedge with white flowers to choose to grow in a garden, in a pot or in a hedge. This plant when making hedges will also produce beautiful flowers with a characteristic yellow color. In particular, growing Forsythia will not take too much effort because this plant does not require much care.

Forsythia plants range in height from 100 cm to 3 meters with flowers blooming in spring. The plant has an average growth rate and is easy to care for.


Oleander is a tree with a gentle and attractive beauty so it is used as border shrubs full sun. The oleander is native to Morocco and Portugal. Oleander can be easily seen in parks, flower gardens or peaceful paths when we go for a walk. Today, Oleander is also grown as hedge plants with flowers.

Florida shrubs for privacy
Florida shrubs for privacy

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle is a woody, straight-shaped plant, divided into several branches with a height of 100 to 150 cm and grows in shrub with large white flowers. This is a plant with beautiful flowers, so it is used to make a very popular hedge plant. 

The plant changes its leaves every autumn, the flowers of the plant usually grow in bunches, each cluster is 20-30 cm long, looking very fragile. After a while, the flowers will bear fruit and fall off. The spherical fruit is woody brown in old age. When young, it is blue-purple, quite hard and has seeds inside.


Viburnum is a large shrub with a height of about 16 feet, so it is extremely suitable for hedge plants with flowers. This plant produces large white flowers and small red fruits. You can see it growing in the United States and Canada. But it actually originated in the lowland forests of Scotland and England.

Shrubs for afternoon sun
Shrubs for afternoon sun

Limelight Hydrangea

Like Hydrangea, Limelight Hydrangea is a great flowering bush white flowers for fencing. Limelight, or Lemon light, has become popular among florists in the United States and Europe as a hedge plant with flowers. This plant forms a dense perennial shrub (up to 14 branches), rounded shrub with evenly distributed stems. Plant height – 1.8-2.4 m, width – 2.3-4 m. The lateral branches have a diameter of 4.5-5 mm, a length of 0.6-1.5 m.


Weigela is a shrub from the East (China, Korea, Japan). It is extremely popular for decorating, especially growing in large shrubs with white flowers. The plant is currently one of the most popular shrubs with beautiful red flowers. Depending on the species, its size varies from 1.20 to 2.50 meters.

Weigela is very durable and easy to grow, due to its resistance to very low temperatures. It works very well in any soil, as long as it is slightly moist and drained. As a semi-shade-loving plant, you should avoid direct sunlight to exposure to this plant.

Tall narrow privacy plants
Tall narrow privacy plants


If you want to plant flowering bushes with white flowers that are easy to care for then Spirea is a great choice. This plant is not only suitable for growing in hedges, but also beautiful and very easy to grow. Looking at them, it can grow neither fast nor slow, but if necessary it can be pruned to control its growth in the fall.

It is a deciduous shrub that reaches a height of 1.2 to 2 meters and approximately the same diameter. Its leaves are alternate, 2.5 to 7.5 cm long, have a lanceolate shape and simple, serrated edge.

Chaste Tree

Chaste tree (Vitex agnus-castus) are deciduous bushes with white flowers in spring that carry purple inflorescences. The leaves have a very pleasant aroma. The purple inflorescences (called maces) are so beautiful, then the Chaste Tree is used a lot to make hedge plants.

Like most shrubs, the Chaste tree is about 7 to 100 feet tall. Chaste tree is an easy-to-grow shrub that is less challenging for home gardeners. If you avoid too wet or dense soil, growing plants successfully is almost guaranteed.

Tall narrow privacy plants
Tall narrow privacy plants


Bluebeard is a tough sub-shrub or herbaceous plant, 25-60cm tall and hairy. The leaves are growing opposite and the leaf blades are oblong oval at the base with 3-5 cm long. The edge is notched, both sides are soft-haired, the underside is pale white. The flowers of the plant are small, light blue or purple, meeting in maces in the axils of the leaves. With an extremely attractive purple color, this is considered a great hedge plant with flowers for your home because it grows in a bush with white flower clusters.


Ninebark is one of the perfect hedges for front of house plants that are drought tolerant and will thrive if watered regularly. This plant reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet, the highest being 5 feet. The characteristic color is burgundy like roses. Thanks to these characteristics, Ninebark is used to make hedge plants.

Tall narrow flowering shrubs
Tall narrow flowering shrubs

Bobo Hydrangea

Most gardeners love Bobo Hydrangea flowers due to large white flowering shrubs. This is a very beautiful flower that can be used to make hedge plants with flowers. This is a dwarf seedling with a height of about 70 cm and a diameter of more than 50 cm. The leaves of the plant are dark green. The flowers of the plant are white or soft pink.

Hardy Hibiscus

Hardy Hibiscus is about 2 1/2 feet tall. This plant is often chosen by gardeners because of the beautiful flowers they produce, but they are also used to make fences around the house. The flowers of Hardy Hibiscus are extremely beautiful, so this plant is used as a very popular hedge.


Potentilla is well suited for fencing or decorating the foyer of the house because of its full sun white flowering shrubs. This plant is made into low hedges to bring nature to the house. This plant is small in size, very easy to grow and very easy to care for, so it is loved by many gardeners.

Panicle Hydrangea

Panicle Hydrangea is fenced around the house because the tree can be from 3 meters to 7 meters high. This plant has beautiful flowers with characteristic color and pink. The flower has an extremely pleasant aroma, which attracts many butterflies.

Flower bushes for front of house
Flower bushes for front of house

Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean Spice Viburnum has impressive beauty and produces flowers most seasons of the year. This is a medium size plant. The flowers of this flower have a very attractive aroma. The plant can grow in a variety of conditions so it is easy to care for.


Deutzia produces beautiful bushes, so it is extremely suitable for hedge plants. The flowers are pink and white and look good to the stars. In spring, the flowers will bloom with a great beauty that everyone surely loves.

Bridal Wreath Spirea

In the past few years, Bridal Wreath Spirea has been popularly used to make hedge plants. This type of flower usually blooms around the end of winter and early spring. As a woody plant with flowers, bridal wreath spirea flowers with their ethereal beauty are loved.

Shrubs for fence line
Shrubs for fence line

St. John’s Wort

St John’s Wort is a tree that lives 1-2 years, from 0.3 m to 1.0m high. The trunk is straight, woody, multi-branched and branched from the upper half of the trunk of the tree. 

In addition to the health benefits that this plant brings, they are also used to make fences around the garden thanks to beautiful blooming flowers with a characteristic yellow color.

Dwarf Butterfly Bush

The plant is about 13 feet in height, so it’s perfect for hedge plants with flowers. In many countries, this plant is used as a hedge as well as commonly grown in gardens. With pink, Dwarf Butterfly Bush will definitely make your garden colorful.

Flowering hedges for privacy
Flowering hedges for privacy


Summersweet is about 10 to 12 feet in height. In the United States, this seems to be a popular choice for hedge plants with flowers. The attraction of this plant is that the flowers are very beautiful.

Dwarf Fothergilla

Dwarf Fothergilla is suitable for growing in gardens and making hedge plants. When there is enough sun, this plant will produce colorful flowers for your garden in spring.

Sonic Bloom Weigela

Sonic bloom weigela is an easy-to-grow shrub. Flowers are as red as lipstick. Green plants combined with the red color of flowers will form extremely beautiful hedge plant bushes. In particular, the plant will be very developed if there is enough sunlight.

Shrub with small yellow flowers
Shrub with small yellow flowers

Shrub Rose

Shrub Rose is one of the beautiful plants or flowers planted as a beautiful hedge chosen by many families. Shrub roses come in many different varieties from internal flowers to inflorescences. These plants are also available in a variety of colors such as crimson, purple-pink and yellowish-white are all very beautiful and vibrant.


Camellia is a woody plant, growing in bushes with a height of about 1-3m, staggered leaves that at first glance look like tea leaves. Camellias grow evenly on the tree, each blooming with a lot of different branches. Flowers usually bloom for about 2-3 months in a row and bloom around spring.

Drought tolerant hedges fast growing
Drought tolerant hedges fast growing


This is an extremely easy plant to grow and used to make hedge plants. This plant can withstand the harsh weather of winter or drought of summer. If carefully trimmed, a beauty bush will bring attractive beauty to your home.

Purple Beautyberry

It is a deciduous shrub found naturally in the southeastern United States. It is tall and wide on average between 3 and 6 feet, although it is known to grow up to 9 feet tall. With such an ideal height, Beauty Bush is suitable for planting under the fence.

Tall Rose

Tall Rose is one of the best hedge plants with flowers for fencing. The plant gives flowers a lot, so it gives an extremely beautiful beauty. Moreover, the plant is highly livable with very few pests.

Scentara Pura Lilac

In addition to the choices for a green environment, we can also use these woody flowers to make garden fences. Such as scentara pura lilac colorful flowers will highlight the garden space.

Hedge with pink flowers
Hedge with pink flowers

Which Fertilizer For Flowering Hedge Plants Is Recommended?

Depending on the type of plant, different fertilizers can be used. And the best recommendation is to use organic fertilizers to ensure that the plants grow well while protecting the environment of your home

Hedge with purple flowers
Hedge with purple flowers

Above are the top types of hedge plants with flowers. Not only contributing natural green areas to create fresh air for homeowners to live and work, but these plants also bring the beauty of fancy and unique garden landscapes.


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