Bushes with white flowers that smell good

38 Bush with white flowers | Best choices for your garden

If you’re a fan of tenderness and clarity, let’s take a look at the top bush with white flowers. Small white flowers feature delicate colors that make you love them. Planting has become a trend for families today. People often learn about ornamental plants that are both aesthetically pleasing and relaxing for the home. 

What Kind Of Bush Has Little White Flowers? 


White roses are native to Europe, since ancient times it has been known that white roses and flowers have been cultivated since the Renaissance.

White roses are loved by many people because of their pure white color – representing the innocence and purity of human beings.

Thorn bushes with white flowers
Thorn bushes with white flowers


There are many types of hydrangea and the bush with white flowers is one of the most popular. The white hydrangea symbolizes tolerance.

Most are shrubs between 1 and 3 meters tall, but some are small trees, and others are vines up to 30 meters (98 ft) tall by climbing trees. They can be deciduous or evergreen, although widely cultivated temperate species are all deciduous.

Most hydrangeas found today are white, but some species can change flower color based on soil pH. At first when the flowers are white, changing the pH of the soil can gradually change the flower color to blue or pink.


Magnolia, also known scientifically as Magnolia, is one of the most popular bushes with white flowers. This is a perennial woody plant, about 2-30 m tall. The leaves are oval, dark green, oblong and staggered. They usually fall off in winter. This bush with white flowers has a seductive aroma that is also used to make perfumes

Bushes with big white flowers
Bushes with big white flowers


Lilac is a genus of 12 species of woody trees in the olive tree family. This plant is native to Southeast Europe to East Asia. They are widely cultivated throughout other temperate areas.

The flowers grow in large panicles with some species giving off a very strong scent. Its flowers bloom in mid-spring and early summer. The fruits of the plant have a dry and brown outer skin; The fruit splits itself in half to release small winged particles.

bushes with little white flowers
bushes with little white flowers


Elderberry, also known as Sambucus Nigra, is a spongy plant in the Sambucaceae family. The plant has a long-standing origin from North America, Europe, East Asia and today is grown in many parts of the world. This plant grows in bushes with very popular white flowers.

This tree has a height of up to 3m with large and hollow branches inside. The leaves are soft, double-growing, and the leaves are serrated

The elderberry tree has small white flowers with a faint aroma, growing in the bush with white flowers usually blooming from May to September.

White flowering shrubs
White flowering shrubs


Azalea is a perennial bush with white flowers and these bushy white flowers are native to temperate lands. The stems of azaleas have an assertive shape with rough bark and are about 50-200cm high. Azaleas consist of many curly petals stacked on top of each other with the scent of pleasant flowers.

Rose Of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a tree native to the Mediterranean. This tree is a woody tree from 1.5 m to 2.5 m tall. The flowers of the plant are multicolored, and white is one of the most beloved colors.


Daphne is a tree that grows in the form of a bush with white flowers, native to China and Japan. This tree is characterized by evergreen shrubs with the ability to live from 8 years to 10 years. Not only has beautiful white flowers, but this plant also has a very fragrant smell, so it is popular for decorative cultivation in home gardens.

shrubs with white flowers
shrubs with white flowers


The oleander with the scientific name Nerium Oleander is an evergreen tree in the form of a shrub or small tree of the family Apocynaceae. This plant is poisonous in every part of it.

Oleander is about 2 to 6 meters (6.6 to 19.7 ft) tall, with branches that grow straight as adults. The flowers of the oleander grow in bunches at the ends of the branches; It is white with glasses of about 2.5-5 cm. It usually has a sweet scent so it is very popular.

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle with bush white flowers is popular for producing beautiful flowers. This plant blooms in summer, is grown abundantly in parks as well as home gardens. The plant grows well in tropical climates with 2 distinct seasons, the rainy and dry seasons.


Viburnum gives white flowers a very strong scent. The beautiful little bush with white flowers has long captivated many people. In particular, this is also considered a flower that symbolizes pure love. At the same time, the flower stem also carries hope of good luck and reunion.

Bush with white flowers
Bush with white flowers

Mountain Laurel

Mountain laurel is native to Mediterranean countries. This plant has white flowers that grow into bushes and bloom all year round. Currently, mountain laurel has been bred a lot and is chosen to be grown as an ornamental indoor plant, which also has the effect of repelling insects.


Serviceberry flower plants with evergreen bushes with white flowers produce very elegant white flowers. This flower brings a gentle aroma that everyone must like. In addition, the plant has very good endurance, so it is easy to grow and does not need too much care. If you love white flowering bushes then serviceberry is a great choice.


Spirea is a shrub in the Rosaceae family. They are native to temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with a rich variety in East Asia. This is a hardy shrub, which has ephemeral leaves and folds in a spiral. Their flowers grow in clusters with white color. The flower has a strong aroma almost like the sweet smell of many flowers.

Oakleaf Hydrangea

Oakleaf Hydrangea has white flowers that bloom in spring and early summer. Oakleaf Hydrangea is an easy-to-live shrub and is easy to care for. When the flowers are grown, the pure white colors have captivated many people.

Beautiful Oakleaf Hydrangea bushes with white cone shaped flowers
Beautiful Oakleaf Hydrangea bushes with white cone shaped flowers

Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurel blooms and forms a bush with white flowers that are extremely loved by gardeners. 

It has small but very beautiful white flowers that bloom in spring. This is an evergreen plant native to Asia and Europe, belonging to the Rosaceae. These flowers grow in bunches and are small. These bushes’ white flowers are loved by many gardeners. 

Camellia Japonica

The camellia Japonica is also known as tea trees. It belongs to the tea family called Theaceae. The origin of plant comes from China and Japan. This plant grows well all year round and produces white flowers. Flowers bloom beautifully in the bush with white flowers.


The ninebark flowering plant is a shrub with white flowers. This plant is easy to grow because of conditions such as slightly acidic soil, medium humidity, sufficient light and a good water supply system. Ninebark flowers are less susceptible to insects and animal pests, so they are very popular. In general, these white flowers do not need too much care but still grow well.

Bushes with tiny white flowers
Bushes with tiny white flowers

Mock Orange

Mock orange is a beautiful plant with white flowers that stand out with a fragrant scent.This is a bush with white flowers of pure color. This flowering plant blooms all year round, especially during the summer.


Chokeberry is a shrubbery with very beautiful white flowers. This plant is also famous for its fresh fruits that have a lot of nutritional value.


Buttonbush is native to the United States. This is a shrub with fragrant white flowers. If you grow this flower in the garden, it will attract many birds and butterflies. So it will further beautify your garden.

Pieris Japonica

This bush with white flowers grows abundantly in Japan, China and Taiwan. Its flowers bloom in spring with white or pink color. You can easily grow Pieris Japonica in pots or gardens.


Potentilla is a plant with many flowers and when blooming forms white flowering bushes. This flower is suitable for growing in gardens with wet weather and with enough sun. Caring for this plant is not too complicated.


The flowers growing on this shrub are white and colorful with a fragrant aroma. They have flowers in full bloom in spring, summer and autumn. In particular, the flowers will be beautiful white in summer.

Bushes with white flowers in spring
Bushes with white flowers in spring

Korean Spice Viburnum

Korean Spice Viburnum has beautiful white flowers and blooms most seasons of the year.In particular, the flowers have an attractive aroma. This flowering plant grows into white bushes and is easy to care for.

Virginia Sweetspire

Virginia sweetspire is a glossy plant. It is very beautiful whenever the flowers bloom. If you take a walk on the shores of the lake, it’s no wonder you’ll come across Virginia sweetspire trees. Especially when the flowers bloom very beautiful white inflorescences.


Deutzia is characterized by growing in a bush with white flowers. Besides white, Deutzia’s flowers are also pink. The flowers of this plant bloom beautifully in spring and everyone loves it.

Tea Olive

Olive tea is popular because of the beauty of the white flowers but also for its sweet aroma. The flowers of olive tea when blooming form bunches with colors such as white or light yellow.

New Jersey Tea

New Jersey Tea trees are plants with white flowers that grow into bushes. In addition to bringing beauty, it also brings many health benefits.

Flowering bushes with white flowers
Flowering bushes with white flowers


Spiraea is a plant with super beautiful white flowers. Each flower branch of the plant will stretch out with drooping curves resembling fountains. The pure white marble clusters on the background of green leaves will be an extremely graceful and special highlight for your home or garden.


This bush with flowers is grown in many gardens in the United States. The super beautiful white flowers make summersweet one of the most attractive plants.

Seven Sons Tree

This is a white-flowered plant native to China. Not only are there beautiful flowers, but the leaves of this plant are also very impressive. The flowers of the Seven Sons Tree will bloom most in spring.

Orange Jasmine

This is the bush with white flowers plant native to countries such as China, mainland India, Southeast Asia and northern Australia. The flowers of the sunny plant have a pale white season that forms clusters. The flower has a sweet aroma at night.

Orange Jasmine bushes with small white flowers
Orange Jasmine bushes with small white flowers

Snows Of Kilimanjaro

This is an indispensable white flower plant during the Christmas season. This white-flowered plant is especially used to decorate the garden during Easter. These white flowers bloom intensively in winter with great beauty.

Common Myrtle

Common Myrtle is a decorative flower with beautiful white flowers. This is a tree native to the Mediterranean and is grown as a decorative plant with bush with white flowers.

Common Myrtle green bushes with white flowers
Common Myrtle green bushes with white flowers

Firedance Dogwood

This Firedance Dogwood tree is famous for its white flowers. 

The flowers of the plant bloom in late winter and early spring. In the Eastern United States, it is one of the most beautiful shrubs.

Pearl Bush

Pearl Bush is a shrub with white flowers. The flowers of this plant usually bloom in June. This is a plant that is very loved by many gardeners.

Pearl Bush white flowers
Pearl Bush white flowers

Euphorbia Polygona

Euphorbia Polygonal gives beautiful white flowers.This is a low-flowering plant, but the blooming flowers are all very beautiful.

How To Shape Flowering Bushes?

In order to shape flowering bushes, in addition to taking good care to grow and flower regularly, it is recommended to take time to prune the plants periodically.

fragrant bushes with white flowers
fragrant bushes with white flowers

When To Fertilize Flowering Shrubs?       

There will be no fixed time to fertilize flowering shrubs. Depending on the characteristics of each plant, there will be different times. In general, shrubs should fertilize in early spring as well as avoid the dry season of summer.

What Flowering Bushes Have The Most Fragrant?

Most of the bushes with white flowers above have specific aromas. There will be no answer as to which plant has the most fragrant flowers because it depends on the preferences of each person.

Bushes with white flowers that smell good
Bushes with white flowers that smell good

There are a lot of people who like white flowers, especially bush with white flowers. These flowers offer beauty along with a seductive scent. These white flowers promise to make your garden more beautiful.


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