plants that can grow without sunlight

29 Plants That Can Grow Without Sunlight And How To Grow Them

Sunlight is one of the important factors for photosynthesis to help plants develop and grow well. The photosynthesis process of greenery helps the air become fresher. However, there are still many plants that do not need sunlight or need very little light that can still grow well. And here are the top plants that can grow without sunlight and how to grow them.

Can Plants Survive Without Sunlight?

Can plants grow without sunlight? Light is one of the important factors for photosynthesis to help plants develop and grow well. The photosynthesis process of greenery helps the air become fresher. However, there are still many indoor plants that do not need light or need very little light. So, plants can survive without sunlight.

If you are planning to grow decorative plants indoors but do not have the space and time to care or are afraid that plants lacking sunlight cannot be lush, you can choose plants that can survive without sunlight.

Can a plant grow without sunlight?
Can a plant grow without sunlight?

Indoor Plants That Don’t Need Sunlight        

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is scientifically named Sansevieria trifasciata, belongs to the Asparagus family, about 50-60 cm in height.

Snake plants are plants with intense vitality, easy to care for because they can live in dry dust and little light. In particular, it has the ability to absorb toxic gases, odors and carcinogenic toxins.


One of the best uses of orchids is its ability to purify the air. The plant absorbs well the many types of toxins evaporated in the air such as benzene, xylene, toluene to make the air cleaner.

This is a beautiful plant, the flower blooms for a long time, easy to care for, the plant does not need much sunlight, this plant is recommended by NASA to grow indoors.

Can plants survive without sunlight?
Can plants survive without sunlight?


Philodendron has the ability to adapt to a variety of living conditions. Especially, this is especially one of plants that can grow without sunlight. Philodendron is also known for its ability to filter air pollutants, making it a great plant to grow indoors.

Aloe Vera

Because it is a plant that does not need light to grow, aloe vera is very suitable for growing indoors.

When there are too many toxic gases, there will be small brown spots on the leaves of aloe vera, warning us. Furthermore, the plant will perform the function of sucking these toxic gases.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant is one of the plants that can grow indoors without sunlight. Its characteristics: the plant has no stem, but only long leaves and branches twisted into tufts like octopus tassels. It is a houseplant because it can grow in the absence of sunlight.

The plant is used for decoration in homes, offices. It is also an extremely good formaldehyde removal plant, in addition to removing carbon monoxide impurities and common pollutants such as benzene and xylene.


The monstera tree is a plant that loves moisture and partial shade. Sunlight balance is a way to help plants grow well, which means avoiding direct light but also not leaving the plant in the shade for too long. This is a highly aesthetic plant and very easy to grow.

Are there plants that can grow without sunlight?
Are there plants that can grow without sunlight?

Peace Lily

Peace Lily is one of plants that grows without sunlight in hot countries, in tropical and subtropical areas. This is a houseplant, which does not need sunlight to grow. The plant can filter out benzene VOCs, a carcinogen that is abundant in paints, polishes, and furniture polishes.

ZZ Plant (Zanzibar Gem)

Plants that can grow inside without sunlight include La zamioculca having only one species known as Zamioculca zamiifolia and it is a tropical plant from Africa. In recent years, the plant has been grown indoors quite a lot because it can grow without the sunlight. This plant is easy to live in, so in general to grow and care for this plant, you do not need to be an expert in gardening.

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant is one of the vegetable plants that can grow without sunlight. It is known as a slow-growing plant that can grow in conditions of lack of sunlight. Adult peacock-tailed trees can grow up to a foot indoors. They are quite popular as houseplants and can be grown and cared for indoors at any time of the year. Never place your plant in direct sunlight because the sun will burn the leaves of the plant, or the leaves will develop spots or patches and fade in color intensity.


With its beautiful appearance, dracaena gives the space freshness as well as being very easy to care for. Plants are grown indoors with the role of having air conditioning as well as removing polluting toxins to provide a healthier living space. This plant does not need direct sunlight to grow.

Indoor plants that can grow without sunlight
Indoor plants that can grow without sunlight

Radiator Plants

Radiator Plants are quite versatile and can accept light as long as you don’t place it in the super dark or super bright regions. Anywhere with low to medium, medium or medium to high light is fine for this plant to grow. 


Bromeliads are suitable for growing as interior plants, receptions, desk decorations, living rooms, classrooms or dining rooms. This is an indoor plant because it can grow in environments that lack sunlight. These plants are beautiful with orange, red, pink or yellow bracts that grow like a star-shaped flower

Sago Palm

Sago Palm is a very easy plant to care for. You should pay special attention when growing this plant because they only tolerate low light conditions as well as not too much moisture. It is ideal for growing indoors because it can perform chemical filtration to keep the air fresh and clean.


Calathea is a beautiful plant. Today, it is favored by many people as a houseplant. Even if you have a variety of Calathea, their care needs are largely the same. Since Calathea varieties are native to a tropical climate, they don’t need much light.

Wax Plant

Wax plants are indoor plants with the ability to grow with low or medium light. If they are planted in a place where there is direct light, it is impossible to grow or bloom. This plant can grow provided that the light is an artificial lamp and does not require too much natural sunlight.

Rubber Plant

For a Rubber Plant, light is an indispensable condition for plants to photosynthesize and grow. You should place the plant in places with sufficient lighting that is not too harsh but also not too dark, so that the plant will grow lush with many leaves.

Chinese Evergreen

This is one of the perfect plants to stay in low to medium light locations. This plant will produce green patches despite the lack of light. But note, the plant will not grow if it is in a complete lack of light. Therefore, make sure that you do not plant Chinese Evergreen in rooms without windows.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a plant that can live in hot or shady environments, but they cannot withstand too strong sunlight. Therefore, if the weather is too sunny, do not put the plant outside for too long because it will make the leaves yellow and the plant underdeveloped.

Cast Iron Plant

When planting a Cast Iron Plant, keep the plant out of direct sunlight because the leaves may be burned. If you are keeping the plant as an ornamental plant indoors, then north-facing windows are ideal. Place slightly back from brightly lit windows to avoid direct sunlight. If you plant a Cast Iron Plant, place it in a shady place with indirect sunlight.

Boston Fern

To care for Boston ferns indoors, place the plants in a well-lit place but away from the midday or afternoon sun. The morning sunlight from the east-facing window is usually soft enough to accommodate the tree, or you can place a curtain between the south or west facing windows.

Parlor Palm

The Parlor Palm tree is a shade-tolerant plant. Therefore, this is a plant that grows in a place where there is indirect light instead of direct light. In particular, plants can grow under and live under fluorescent lights.

Maidenhair Fern

The Maidenhair Fern plant grows where there is strong light but not direct sunlight. This is one of those plants that can grow without sunlight but requires natural light.

Dumb Cane

Dumb Cane tree is perennial but still green. In winter, the leaves do not wilt, so it is considered a sandy plant, popular and widely used. In particular, this plant will not need sunlight to be able to grow.

Creeping Fig

Creeping fig trees are creeping plants. This plant is easy to grow because it is resistant to rain, sun resistance and also in low-light environments. Growing this plant will bring aesthetics to your home.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Heartleaf Philodendron is native to South America, Central America and the West Indies. This is a very popular indoor plant, which gives its beauty all year round and is easy to care for. These are among the plants that can grow without sunlight.

House plants that can grow without sunlight
House plants that can grow without sunlight

Sword Fern

Sword Fern native to western North America, is grown for decoration. In particular, this plant is easy to grow because it can grow when there is no sunlight.

Umbrella Palm

Because the Pentateuch tree is a plant that does not need too much sunlight to grow and develop well. Umbrella Palm is classified as a high-end interior tree.

Japanese Sedge

Japanese Sedge should be planted in the shade with adequate sun reception. Direct sunlight should not be exposed to the plant as it may yellow the leaves.

Devil’s Ivy

Devil’s Ivy plants are ideal for growing indoors. These plants that need just enough light or may not need light can still thrive. The required humidity for planting plants is just enough.

How To Grow Plants Indoors Without Sunlight        

To care for any plant, sunlight is also a very important factor. So how is it right for indoor plants that do not need light to be cared for?

Each plant will have different lighting needs. Although the plants you are growing have low light tolerance, you also need to be aware of providing adequate light so that they can grow well. This is done by placing the plant in a position with natural light for 2-3 hours a day such as a window or a glass main door. In addition, you can also expose them to the sun for 2-3 hours per week to facilitate the growth process.

In addition, some people also use lamps that emit the same light source as sunlight for photosynthetic plants. This is also a good option that you can refer to.

Are there any plants that can grow without sunlight and how to grow them?
Are there any plants that can grow without sunlight and how to grow them?

Those are the top plants that can grow without sunlight.Growing indoor plants is a great way to boost the mood, add color to the interior, and purify the air.


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