Blackberry Bush Flowers

Blackberry Bush Flowers: Amazing Gardening Tips

Blackberry bush flowers are famous for their beautiful icy white hue. You can also use them as a sign for a productive blackberry crop.  When do blackberries bloom? Why is my blackberry bush not flowering? To answer all these questions and comprehensively understand the blackberry blooms, let’s follow our post!  … Read more

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Pilea Microphylla Variegata

Pilea Microphylla ‘Variegata’ Growing Tips

A charming little houseplant pot can warm a corner of your home. If you don’t believe it, try growing pilea microphylla ‘Variegata,’ and you’ll see.  This plant doesn’t have showy flowers. Yet, its beautiful leaves do the trick. Let’s scroll down and discover how to add this lovely touch to … Read more

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Prayer Plant Yellow Leaves1

Prayer Plant Yellow Leaves: 4 Causes and Fix

Many homeowners love prayer plants because of their multi-colored foliage. However, prayer plant yellow leaves will bring you a whole different story.  So what makes the leaves turn yellow? How can you solve this problem? Don’t worry because your houseplants can recover their beautiful color with the tips we share … Read more

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How To Grow Red Russian Kale Successfully

How To Grow Red Russian Kale Successfully?

Red Russian kale will be a great idea if you want to add a touch of sweetness and tenderness to your salad. Interestingly, this type of vegetable is easy to plant.  How to grow Red Russian kale? It takes about 50 to 60 days to harvest. So let’s see what … Read more

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Easiest Bird Of Paradise Plant Varieties

Easiest Bird Of Paradise Plant Varieties

The bird of paradise plant can shine out in every corner of your garden thanks to its glossy leaves and vivid flowers. It’s as beautiful as its name. But do you know that there are multiple bird of paradise plant varieties?  This article will be your must-read if you are … Read more

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Blue Wild Flower Ideas

Blue Wild Flower Ideas For Your Garden

Red, pink, and yellow are the most prominent colors in your garden. But have you ever tried to add some blue splashes? A blue wild flower will definitely change the whole look of the garden.  If you like this idea, we will help you select some species. Let’s follow our … Read more

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